Beatmakers vs Producers was one of the topics we discussed on this occasion with legend, Darkos Strife.

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Thanks for checking in and welcome back to the second instalment of this fantastic six-part series. As you may have gathered, we like to highlight music and entertainment matters. Sometimes we play devil’s advocate to get to the nitty-gritty core of any issues. Besides, it’s all about developing well-rounded perspectives. Additionally, we like to create good vibes so you’ll hear a lot of laughing and cheeky moments – word to Alhan.

Say it with me now, “DRAAAAAKKKKE!?”

The Lowdown

This episode questions clout, talent, whether A&Rs are necessary, producers and who’s responsibility it really is to direct the music we currently hear; or more importantly, the music we want to hear. Is it the role of DJs, producers, A&Rs, managers etc?

It feels like there’s no such thing as finding and promoting music organically. We’ve seen quite a few people get signed of off meme challenges. A lot of up and coming artists are using PR services as part of their marketing campaign. It’s hard to say without the figures and although specific to a genre, I have a feeling that when pirate radio was around, there wasn’t such a heavy dependancy on those services especially not amongst those just starting out.

The prediction is that RnB will be the catalyst genre to boost the surge of real music once again because there’s a shortage of it these days. Personally, we cannot wait to see that happen. But it seems that Usher’s too busy trying out new hairstyles – remember that perm he debuted back in January?

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