RUN IT: Intimate Affairs Special @ Boxpark

Still recovering from our last event on Tuesday, 11th June? Thought so. We are too. RUN IT: Intimate Affairs Special was a blast!

When the RSVP tickets ran out after 4 weeks of promo we were already quietly confident that we had a storm brewing. Boxpark Shoreditch couldn’t prepare for the madness we unleashed or even for the overflow of good vibes but one thing’s for sure – we raised the roof high and raised the bar even higher for the art and essence of throwing functions.

We’d like to thank everyone who pulled up, those who told a friend to tell a friend, the artists, DJs, videographer, host and those working tirelessly behind the scenes – you were detrimental to our success.


Beatbox, a long, narrow blacked out room with customised with red and white lighting (to match the orange tone of the artwork), provided an intimate setting where the audience crowded around the artists. Not quite a mosh pit but enough to burn a nice amount of calories whilst prancing around the stage and screaming lyrics at the top of our lungs.


Elite beat flipping and selections were courtesy of Damboss and Denz. The line-up consisted of Mr Benjamin ft. Xaharah, Nyema, AY, L Martin with K the Infinite and Eklipse.

Damboss warmed up the settings for us with a sweet mix!

Mr Benjamin & Xaharah

Right off the bat, Mr Benjamin was able to establish a nice connection with the audience with his bouncy flow and juicy beats. As mentioned in one of his songs, he was definitely “not f*@king about”. Animated in his style of performance he exceeded expectations. Xaharah, acted as a sprinkle of fairy dust to this set as she too, shone brightly with her glistening RnB vocals. We look forward to hearing more from her. Mr Benjamin could quite easily headline his own show (and we’d gladly assist when the time comes).

AY & Nyema

Nyema opened for AY and boy oh boy did she set the place alight! Previously appearing on The Voice (ITV) reflects that she is now taking the steps to take her craft and passion even more seriously. Weaponed with training in Musical Theatre, this young Lady doesn’t play! The addition of poetry thrown in was a nice, unique touch. Excellent stage presence!

AY then followed up, taking us on a female empowerment journey in a snakeskin jumpsuit – did someone say booty alert? Working some BeyoncĂ© renditions and acappela’s combined with her soulful originals, the ladies couldn’t wait to tell that “boy, bye”. Crowd pleaser of the set was definitely “What’s Luv”. Released last year 2018, she is now set to start working on a visual and hopes to present it this Summer.

L Martin & KtheInfinite

Adding more fuel to the fire was L Martin. The Westside rapper really turned up the heat on us, to the point we had to check our eyebrows were still there. It’s disappointing that West London doesn’t get mentioned as much as the other quarters for it’s musical talent so when I came across him a couple of years ago through Eklipse, I had to make sure everyone knew – West isn’t dead. Plus he’s half Trini so you know we had to represent! Lyrically gifted, giving us music that matters.

Supporting L Martin was K the Infinite and he was cold (brrr). His multi-faceted talents means that he sings, raps and produces most likely amongst many more things. With a few releases out at the moment (Levels with Kaniva, for example) he’s worth checking out. He’s also gearing up to drop the “Rambling 5” visual on Friday, 21st June so be sure to check that out.



Concluding the night, it was the moment that we all had been waiting for. Eklipse graced the stage. Even on antibiotics, he still gave us that raw, direct energy that he’s known for. Starting off with a mellow introduction, we got to hear some gems from the sequel Intimate Affairs Behind the scenes.

When we asked Eklipse what the reason behind this follow up project was, he made it clear that it was something he wanted to do and also wanted to meet the demands of supporters asking for it; so he delivered and did not disappoint. The quality speaks for itself. I guess you could describe this show as a closing to his mini tour of 3 dates which all sold out, proving he’s both “social” and “local”.

We loved the more female inclusive approach, with tunes that celebrated them in a world that often puts them down. “Behind the Scenes” is a favourite of course and set the entire mood. Everyone was captivated. “Barry” continued to give us more melodic flows combined with his famous baritone “bass in the air” voice.

It was sick how he switched it up, catering for the mandem and grime heads. He left us on a high reeling off some of his most gritty material like “Who”, “Jump N Duck”, “N.E.W.H.A.M” and a few others. This is where we witnessed people loose their minds and even vocal’d an EDM tune at the end. I must say, Damboss did bits on the mixing and blending throughout so shout out to him. Damboss has also picked up the pace in the last 12 months with quite a few bookings so be sure to catch him playing before the year’s out.

Over & Out

Denz helped us close the night successfully with a mix of Afro Swing, Dancehall, Hip Hop and RnB. Shout of to Denz who is now Jay Silva’s DJ and got to do a set with him at Parklife, Manchester. You can also catch him at the Lighthouse in Shoreditch on most weekends.

Special thanks goes out to Live with the Source TV and also Lucian Jay who joined us to host on the evening.

As always, if you have any suggestions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Please email, DM on Instagram/Twitter @runitldn or use the comment section below.