We’re back again with some content in the form our brand new RUN IT: Podcast! Who’s excited?

Welcome to our six-part series where we’ll be chopping it up with some new and old friends. We’ll be talking about music, culture, lifestyle and entertainment. Expect belly laughs, new catchphrases and honest discussions. Oh and by the way, we’re celebrating our 2nd birthday (hip, hip, hooray)!

Now focusing on trying to keep consistent for our lovely audience such as people like you, we felt it was necessary to bring more content to your doorstep surrounding our brand and in conjunction with our events. As always, should you have any feedback, drop us an email at or use the contact form page.



About Bluberry Media

For our first episode, we caught up with Alpha from Bluberry Media. As a production company they’ve worked with a variety of companies ranging from food to fashion. You enquire about the selection of services they offer for artists and creatives such as a recording studio, photography studio, podcast production and much more. They are based in West London.

It was interesting to learn that Bluberry Media was originally named, “Burn Out Ldn”. I spent some time racking my brain trying to piece together how we came to follow each other on Twitter. When Alpha mentioned that name, it suddenly rang a bell. The team there come from working on campaigns with some heavyweight brands such as SBTV which you’ll hear more about in this episode of the podcast itself.

The Podcast: down to the nitty gritty

Even before we switched the mic on, myself, Jo and Alpha seemed to hit it off straight away. Eager to get the ball rolling for the podcast, we set everything up quickly with a quick mic check and a swift press of the record button. I must say this happened ever so organically and the conversation just flowed effortlessly. It’s hard to come by real conversations these days being that a large majority of us are constantly glued to our phones and some of us just don’t take the time to value real life moments. It was definitely refreshing to connect in an old-fashioned way.

In this episode we caught up about music, films, Netflix and a couple of places we’ve travelled to with some unforced comedic moments.

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Podcast: S1 EP1 Ft. Bluberry Media

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