DJ Denz joined us over in West London to talk all things event and DJ related. Also be sure to grab a FREE ticket to our next event here, happening on Wednesday, 27th November at Boxpark Shoreditch. Let’s make it look sexy.

DJ Denz

Now two-thirds of the way in, we’re really getting into the swing of things over here. This time we caught us with our long-time friend of over 20+ years to talk about his 6 year DJ career. The North London mash-up genius has experienced over 6 Million plays on SoundCloud and YouTube in over 50 countries! His other accolades include working with Tim Westwood, Skepta, Parklife and most recently has become the DJ for Jay Silva and Jamal Woon.

How It All Began

Denz’ career came into realisation during the years of college and sixth form when drink-ups were the weekend motive. Too young to rave, but had methods to acquire alcohol. All that was missing was someone to run the tunes. After watching his brother practice and friends at house parties, he soon learned that selecting tunes came way to him. The demand to have Denz play at gatherings, grew quickly. His efforts have also been rooted in working alongside DJ Semo and his brand Ice Cream LDN, which started during his time at Brunel University.

One of Ghana’s finest, although born in the UK, has built up an immense following including the support of DJ Target who aired his Donaeo – Chalice mash-up two Saturdays in a row!

The Podcast

This episode saw us discuss what we expect DJs to bring to events. We identified that it is extremely annoying to have the most substantial tunes played at 9pm. Playlist DJs also need to be stopped. Firstly, the crowd probably hasn’t even begun to build up. Secondly, even though DJs who do this want to look good, it ruins it for the crowd as DJs probably won’t repeat the same tunes that you already have. So guess who has to expect the annoying requests from the punters when your set is over? I could go on, but I won’t. What I will say is not everyone is a DJ.

What CDJ Really Means…

Alpha Redd opened our eyes (and ears) to a newly redefined meaning of what the term “CDJ” means. This is where the “C” stands for clout. Fellow DJs, let’s stop chasing clout and focus on having fun with sets. It’s cool to introduce new music too, depending on the event you are playing at. If you’re playing something that has already been curated on Spotify, for example, what’s the point? We can’t have Boiler Room vibes at growing events if no one wants to step up to the challenge. Let’s fix that in 2020.

Artwork S1 EP4
Artwork – Podcast S1 EP4

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