Camden & Jetfly Multz

Camden is one of the most unique places to visit in terms of hearing new music and sounds. Known for it’s musical heritage and vast range of musicians it was only right to catch up with Jetfly Multz (artist). One of Camden’s finest (and funniest). We were also pleased to be joined by Alpha Redd (producer). Listen to the end for an exclusive drop on something we’ve got coming up soon.

In this episode, I posed a question. Jetfly filled me in. This was to find out why Camden as a borough and collective were reluctant nowadays to support each other as fellow artists. During the MSN Messenger era, Camden appeared to be one of the most vibrant hubs. It seemed that everyone, knew everyone. The focus was sincerely about music.

Urban Economics

Ambush blowing up, helped to squash street beefs. And of course, everyone wanted to find a way to make money from the process too. The North and South side of Camden remained civil. Due to the changes within urban economics amongst the younger generation, more specific areas had disputes with each other. This is what would cause people to hold back in getting behind fellow artists’ success.

It’s a real shame that such a strong community has to be divided due to others having a narrow minded outlook. Hopefully the next Camden prodigy’s success smooths the bumps in the road once again. There’s no denying how good it looks to see an area like Camden stand strong together.

The Sound of London

Following this I briefly spoke about sound system culture and the influences impressed upon the sounds of London. I also questioned why Afro Swing was a “thing” but French Trap was not? This is in terms of being categorised and the criteria used to categorise music these days. Alpha also questioned whether it was even necessary to have categories.

Although it might not be necessary on an individual level, it is something used throughout broadcast, journalism and also heavily on music and streaming platforms to better inform the audience and listeners. Generally speaking, people create boxes for things so that they can either form a sense of belonging or to disassociate themselves. What do you think?

Camden bred Jetfly Multz joined us. Click the image to listen in.

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As you will hear in this episode, we had a lot of fun! Be sure to check out our previous episode here. You also can find episode one, here. As always, we’d love to hear from you. Hit us on Instagram @runitldn or send us an email, Happy Sunday!


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